Join us / 加入我们

Welcome to our website - Geek Collection. I established this website on August 29th, 2021, as a junior high school student.

As the website master, I feel grateful for my site maintenance journey. An unexpected idea brought me many unique feelings different from my peers.

We are a team that loves exploring new information technologies, and we hate the Empire's restrictions on the internet. We say no to anything that blocks our progress.

We are not just me. Although most of the time, it is just me who builds and maintains the website. I want to give opportunities to more people who have a dream of building a website but lack the time and money to start.

Join us! Be a contributor to our website! We will never mistreat you! Even if you are a novice, the webmaster will hand over the experience of building a WordPress website to you. Join us, leverage our strengths, and progress together!


  • Can use Markdown to edit posts;
  • No racial discrimination and knows how to treat others well;
  • Able to read and write smoothly in both English and Chinese (I don't mind you use machine translate);
  • Interested in AI chatting, drawing technology and able to visit them (Help Celestial Empire netizen like me).


The site master will not require members to retain all contributions when they plan to withdraw, and welcomes the exchange of friendship links in the future.