Our burden is heavy, our shoulders are sore
Dozens of whips strike us, our bodies are numb with pain
Our mouths are gagged, we cannot speak
Sobbing drowned in praise and adulation
We are cheap slaves
Can be exploited and squeezed at will, because the quantity is large enough
We are in an iron house
Most are numb and resigned to our fate
Those who wake up die of surprise

That's Eating humans!
I can't take it anymore, please let me die quickly
Let me raise my long spear before I die, I want to die with honor

We don't want Social Darwinism
We don't want Involuted King

The time between 99 and 100
We would rather smell the flowers
We would rather look at the sun
We should also have the right to exercise, think about life, love, and death
Learn, find ourselves, but when did we become so utilitarian?
Exceeding, be the NO.1, envy, suspicion, is this considered competition?

You deprived us of our true selves, deprived us of our freedom.
Turn us into what you want, where is our true self?

We don't want schools that infringe on human rights
We don't want education bureaus which are malfeasant
Because they are the ones who need education

The slogans never stop
The actions never start

Numbing, confusing, hesitating
Sleeping, sitting, walking
Dark house, stuffy air, iron walls

Looking into the future by the deep myopia?
Deceiving the present by the realistic acting?
Experiencing injustice to learn about justice?
Being a puppet which is to feeling existence?

I was surprised by the cannibal world re-enactmenting

You must submit to this world

A people united can move mountains
But homes and schools hurt our hearts and souls
Learning alienation leads us to fight against each other
The times are have kidnapped us, we have no choice
Half refuse, half compromise; Half trust, half doubt
I can't bear to look back, not reconciled to look back how long I dead.

Demonic homes and schools, fight with them to the end
Not only for others but also for ourselves

本文源于友链 VirtualHotBar の Blog 的一篇文章——《学牲》 翻译而来。主要是因为深有感触进而有感而发。该诗的翻译耗费了站长大量心血,希望大家喜欢。希望以此多一份批判天朝教学制度的力量。如需中文版请点击上方链接。

其中,标题 Stuslave 为原创词,主要是与原文的『学牲』对称:stu- 和 student 前缀一样,代表“学习”,后面的 slave 则为“奴隶”,合在一起就是“学习奴隶”,接近『学牲』的含义。